Friday, February 19, 2010

WWE Superstars Review for 2/18/10

Results of February 18ths WWE Superstars:

1. Evan Bourne (2-2-0) and Primo (2-1-0) def. Carlito (0-4-0) and Chavo Guerrero (0-4-0)

*Amp's Thoughts: Raw's two biggest jobbers on the same tag team, look out Miz and Big Show. </sarcasm>

2. Gail Kim (6-0-0) def. Katie Lea Burchill (1-3-0)

*Amp's Thoughts: Gail Kim is on one heck of a push.......she's gonna get squashed at Elimination Chamber (likely Triple H's orders - "If I can't go undefeated, NO ONE CAN-UH!").

3. Rey Mysterio (4-1-2) def. Mike Knox (0-4-1)

*Amp's Thoughts: Knox must have a deal with the boys in the back - he won't shave until he actually wins a match......for once.

Expect a preview of the Elimination Chamber PPV either tomorrow or Sunday.

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