Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Raw Review for 2/8/10

Results for Monday night's Raw - click "Read More" to see the full post:

1. Sheamus (5-0-0) def. Christian (4-1-0)

*Amp's Opinions: Interesting how now that ECW is going under (T-Minus 15 days and counting by the way), all of their talent gets to appear on every other show. Even more interesting how said ECW talent gets squashed by Raw's new favorite boy.

2. The Miz (2-2-0)/Big Show (2-3-0) def. Triple H(6-1-0)/Shawn Michaels (4-2-1) and CM Punk (4-3-0)/Luke Gallows (2-1-0)

*Amp's Opinions: Praise the Lord, DX looks to be dead once and for all! Funny how HBK always seems to end up in these super serious storylines around this time of year (2008 with Flair, 2009 with 'Taker, this year with wanting the re-match). Not sure Miz and Show deserved the belts, personally Punk and Gallows deserve a run with them.

3. Gail Kim (5-0-0) def. Jillian (0-5-0)

*Amp's Opinions: Why does poor Jillian insist on jobbing week-in and week-out? This match was nothing more than a reason to make Maryse look like she MAYBE wants to turn face, but we all know she won't. Other than that, your typical piss break match.

4. Cody Rhodes (2-3-0) def. Randy Orton (4-2-0)

*Amp's Opinions: When I read this at first, I thought Legacy had finally broke up, but then I kept reading - thank Sheamus for Cody beating Randy, NOTHING more.

5. Ted DiBiase (3-2-1) vs. John Cena (2-2-1) --> No Contest

*Amp's Opinions: Mister "Everyone Look Up To This Guy" Cena needs to calm the hell down - he might cause some kids to beat up their bullies.

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