Friday, February 12, 2010

WWE Superstars Results For 2/11/10

Results for February 11th's WWE Superstars show:

1. (Raw) Jack Swagger (1-4-0) def. Santino Marella (1-1-0)

*Amp's Thoughts: Yep. Creative has run out of things to do with Swagger - shame really; if he didn't have that lisp, he'd actually be half decent on the mic. Oh well, perhaps feuding with Santino is for the best. [/sarcasm]

2. (ECW) Christian (4-1-0) def. Zack Ryder (1-2-0)

*Amp's Thoughts: Half decent match for ECW's last on Superstars - nothing really else to say.

3. (SD) Dolph Ziggler (2-2-1) def. JTG (0-3-1)

*Amp's Thoughts: To anyone who still hopes that Cryme Tyme get some kind of a tag team title push......don't get your hopes up. Ziggler's not too bad, but he'll NEVER get any kind of push - remember, he was one-fifth of the Spirit Squad - 'nuff said.

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