Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ECW Results For 2/9/10

Results of the penultimate episode of ECW. As usual, click "Read More" for the full post.

1. Yoshi Tatsu (4-2-0) and Goldust (2-2-0) def. Trent Baretta (2-3-0) and Caylen Croft (1-3-0)

*Amp's Opinions: Looks like ECW's final show will be a decent one, with Tatsu and Goldust facing The Miz and Big Show for the Tag Team Titles next Tuesday - MizShow will squash them, but it's a good chance to (hopefully) get Tatsu over before he moves to Raw or SmackDown in the next couple of weeks. Hope that Baretta and Croft get a good push as a team on whichever show they end up on - the tag team division is being slowly buried as we speak and they could use some good teams.

2. Ezekiel Jackson (4-1-0) def. Local Athlete

*Amp's Opinions: No better way to end ECW than with a Royal Rumble rematch held under Extreme Rules, which is what next week's main event will be - Christian defending the ECW Title against Jackson. Jackson's another one that could be utilized well on Raw or long as he has someone to talk for him - his promo Tuesday was BAD, even with Regal doing most of the talking (and Regal can talk well on the mic).

3. Shelton Benjamin (3-2-0) def. Vance Archer (1-3-0) --> No DQ or Count-Out Match

*Amp's Opinions: I've made my point about Benjamin a week ago - it's now or never if they ever intend to give him a main event push - perhaps winning Money In The Bank at WrestleMania would be a good start. Archer's got promise, get him in a solid feud and let's see what happens.

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