Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Raw Results for 2/22/10

Results for February 22nds Monday Night Raw.

1. Maryse (3-2-0) def. Gail Kim (6-2-0) --> Divas Title

*Thoughts: May have been a day late, but I told ya Gail would get squashed.

2. Kofi Kingston (4-4-0), Yoshi Tatsu (5-3-0), and Evan Bourne (3-2-0) def. Randy Orton (4-5-0), Cody Rhodes (2-4-0), and Ted DiBiase (4-4-1)

*Thoughts: I'm mildly amused how creative seems content to make both Orton and Legacy tweeners - long run, I feel as though since we all think Orton will turn face, they'll turn Legacy instead.

3. Christian (5-2-0) def. Carlito (0-5-0) --> MITB Qualifying

*Thoughts: Did you expect a different result?

4. The Miz (4-3-0) and Big Show (3-4-0) def. Mark Henry (2-5-0) and MVP (1-5-0) --> Tag Team Titles

*Thoughts: Mark Henry had more tape on him than a bad Red Green handyman project.

5. John Cena (4-3-2) def. Batista (1-4-3) --> DQ

*Thoughts: Fast Fact - it has now been 6 weeks since a Raw main event did NOT end with either a disqualification or a no contest...

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