Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WWE NXT Results for 2/23/10

Results from the debut episode of NXT.

1. Christian (6-2-0) and Heath Slater (1-0-0) def. Carlito (0-6-0) and Michael Tarver (0-1-0)

*Thoughts: Slater has the personality of cardboard, but isn't too bad in the ring. Tarver is OK, but he's being mentored by one of Raw's resident jobbers, so by and rights, he actually sucks.

2. David Otunga (1-0-0) def. Darren Young (0-1-0)

*Thoughts: Another damn 30 second squash match...or a botch...or both - still not sure.

3. Chris Jericho (6-6-0) def. Daniel Bryan (0-1-0)

*Thoughts: This was a great debut for Danielson - they're playing to the fact that we hate having Danielson mentored by The Miz, plus they're letting Danielson use a lot of his Ring of Honor moves, and yet the right guy won (you can't have a guy making his WWE debut beat the World Heavyweight Champion after all). So far, so good for the American Dragon.

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