Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ECW Review For 2/2/10

Tuesday night's ECW was punctuated by the announcement that most people had been anticipating for the last month or so - ECW will be taken off the air in three weeks and replaced by a new show that Vince McMahon himself said would be the "next evolution of the WWE". What will that evolution be I ask - are we going TV G next? Will it just be another re-hash of Sunday Night Heat, Velocity, Metal, Jakked, and all the other dumb "let's review the last week and have some jobbers get squashed by low-midcarders" shows that have been around for the last decade? Or will the WWE FINALLY do something right? It'll be a damn shame if in fact it ends up being a hit, since NO ONE has Sci Fi (oh sorry, I meant Sy Fy, or however the f*ck they spell it now). If they put any reasonable effort into this "New Show", it'll leave us all screaming "Why can't they do this on Raw?!?"

Anyway, now that THAT'S out of my system, let's get to the results. For those of you who watched Amp Talks Wrestling on Dailymotion (which is now closed by the way - by MY hand too), you know that I was keeping tabs on each performer's win-loss-draw record, since that tends to tell who's getting pushed and who's getting buried, and I still will. So, here we go:

Yoshi Tatsu(3-2-0) def. Trent Baretta(2-2-0)

*Amp's Opinions: From what I've heard over the past few months, it seems that Tatsu is getting quite over on the "Land of the Extreme"(pff..Extreme my @$$), but what I don't like is that he is being placed alongside Goldust - don't get me wrong, Dustin Rhodes can still bring it, but that gimmick died seven years ago. Baretta and his tag partner, Caylen Croft, also intrigue me - Video Game geeks who can wrestle ftw!*shot*

Vance Archer(1-2-0) def. Shelton Benjamin(2-2-0)

*Amp's Opinions: Shelton getting buried as usual, no surprise there, but I suppose he's been around long enough that now instead of jobbing to the main event guys, he has to put over the young talent. I know everyone wishes that Shelton would get a main event push on Raw or SmackDown, but did you ever consider that maybe he doesn't want one? Just a thought... Vance interest, NEXT!

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