Sunday, February 21, 2010

Elimination Chamber Preview

Figured I'd give my thoughts on the four matches listed on the card for tonight's Elimination Chamber event. Remember that there may be more matches added at the last minute:

1. Drew McIntyre vs. Kane --> Intercontinental Championship

*Thoughts: You gotta remember that Glen Jacobs (Kane) is on the tail-end of his career. In fact, it was rumored last June that he was set to retire, but then (apparently) chose to come back. That, combined with the fact that he has always wanted to help put over the young stars, likely means that he won't be winning the IC title again tonight. Expect either a clean win for McIntyre, or perhaps a Dolph Ziggler run-in (him and Kane have feuded enough - could happen).

Expected Winner: Drew McIntyre

2. Gail Kim vs. Maryse --> Divas Championship

*Thoughts: I'm kind of torn on this one - I'd like to believe that Gail will win the Divas title tonight based on the roll that creative has her on (booking her to start the year 6-0), but the fact that she IS undefeated this year also likely means that they want her to lose clean tonight. Hard to say really.

Expected Winner: Maryse

3. Sheamus/Cena/Orton/Kingston/Triple H/DeBiase --> WWE Championship

*Thoughts: This one is REALLY hard to call. So instead of just picking a winner, I'm going to give you my expected WrestleMania main event scenarios for each (if they win):

If Sheamus Wins: Bet on Sheamus vs. Triple H or Cena at Mania.

If Cena Wins: Sheamus will invoke his rematch clause - Cena vs. Sheamus

If Orton Wins: Good chance you'll see Orton vs DeBiase and/or Sheamus

If Kingston Wins: Don't bet on it. Kingston vs. Sheamus and/or Orton if it does happen.

If Triple H Wins: He'll face his protege Sheamus.

If DeBiase Wins: It'll probably be DeBiase vs Orton.

Expected Winner: Either Sheamus or Triple H

4. Undertaker/Morrison(?)/Punk/Jericho/Mysterio/R-Truth --> World Heavyweight Title

If Undertaker Wins: Expect 'Taker vs. Edge (AGAIN)

If Morrison Wins: He'll probably get replaced by Michaels, but if he doesn't, Morrison vs. Edge and/or Punk would be a good match.

If Michaels Wins: Assuming HBK DOES take Morrison's place, 'Taker will invoke his rematch clause - Michaels vs. 'Taker (which would be match of the night again)

If Punk Wins: Still expect Punk vs. Mysterio --> Hair (and title) vs. Mask

If Jericho Wins: No brainer - Jericho vs. Edge (another really good match)

If Mysterio Wins: Most likely Mysterio vs. 'Taker and/or Edge

If R-Truth Wins: Don't bet on it. If he DOES win, perhaps R-Truth vs. Punk

Expected Winner: Chris Jericho

Final results and analysis will be posted tomorrow.

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