Sunday, February 21, 2010

SmackDown Review for 2/19/10

Results of February 19ths SmackDown.

1. DH Smith (3-4-0)/Tyson Kidd (2-4-0)/Natalya (1-0-0) def. The Great Khali (4-2-0)/Matt Hardy (3-6-0)/Maria (0-1-0)

*Amp's Thoughts: About time those idiots Khali and Hardy get beat, now could you please END THIS RIVALRY already! This was the 5th time this year that The Hart Dynasty has faced them, and I was sick of it the FIRST TIME!!

2. CM Punk (5-3-0) and Luke Gallows (3-1-0) def. R-Truth (4-2-1) and John Morrison (2-5-0)

*Amp's Thoughts: Still working the injured ankle angle on Morrison. Still confident that he won`t be cleared to compete at Elimination Chamber, and guess who takes his place? HBK anyone?

3. Shad (1-2-1) and JTG (1-3-1) def. Trent Baretta (2-4-0) and Caylen Croft (1-4-0)

*Amp's Thoughts: Way to make your debut on network television - jobbing to a team that should have been Tag Team champions THREE YEARS AGO! ...Croft and Baretta are doomed...

4. Kane (3-3-2) def. Dolph Ziggler (2-3-1)

*Amp's Thoughts: Alright, HOW many times have these two fought? If you guessed 4, you're right.

5. Edge (1-0-1) vs. Batista (0-3-3) --> No Contest

*Amp's Thoughts: Another SmackDown main event that goes to a no contest. In fact, this is the fourth time in eight weeks that the main event has ended in a draw of some form. Not a good statistic for the rest of the year...

Also....a SmackDown without Jericho competing? Hell must have frozen over...

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