Saturday, February 27, 2010

SmackDown Results For 2/26/10

Results of February 26ths SmackDown:

1. Dolph Ziggler (3-3-1) def. John Morrison (2-6) and R-Truth (4-4-1) - MITB Qualifying

*Thoughts: Would have liked to see either Morrison or Truth in the MITB match at WrestleMania - Dolph Ziggler does nothing for me.

2. Michelle McCool (4-2) def. Mickie James (4-2) - Women's Title

*Thoughts: Vickie Guerrero as referee = a screwjob a mile away (though I didn't watch the match - as usual: divas match = piss break)

3. Kane (3-4-2) def. Drew McIntyre (3-3-1) - MITB Qualifying

*Thoughts: Kane is a mainstay in the Money in The Bank match - having competed in at least two others, and almost winning last year - expect him to post another solid performance this year - possibly his last?

4. Shelton Benjamin (4-2) def. CM Punk (5-3) - MITB Qualifying

*Thoughts: A Benjamin world title push? Ha - don't bet on this one.

5. Edge (2-0-1) def. The Miz (5-3)

*Thoughts: Edge is the perfect example of how a heel can turn without having to change his character - he's the same ol' Rated R Superstar - but since Jericho is an even bigger heel in the company, Edge gets cheered. Could the same be in store for Orton on Raw???

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