Monday, February 22, 2010

Elimination Chamber - Results

Final results for the Elimination Chamber event.

1. Michelle McCool (3-2-0) and Layla (2-3-0) def. Gail Kim (6-1-0) and Maryse (2-2-0)

*Amp's Thoughts: Wow...way to take a mediocre Diva's title match and RUIN it (as if that needed much effort).

2. The Miz (3-3-0) def. MVP (1-4-0) --> US Title

*Amp's Thoughts: Yeah, 'cause we're not allowed to have Tag Team title matches anymore...

3. Drew McIntyre (3-2-1) def. Kane (2-4-2) --> IC Title

*Amp's Thoughts: Heh...called that one a mile away.

4. John Cena (3-2-2) def. Sheamus (6-1-0), Randy Orton (4-4-0), Kofi Kingston (3-4-0), Triple H (6-2-1), and Ted DiBiase (4-3-1) --> WWE Title

*Amp's Thoughts: Seems pretty dull at first...

5. Batista (1-3-3) def. John Cena (3-3-2) --> WWE Title

*Amp's Thoughts: ...Then you realize, it's not dull - it's a SWERVE!!

6. Chris Jericho (5-6-0) def. The Undertaker (1-2-0), John Morrison (2-5-0), CM Punk (5-4-0), Rey Mysterio (4-2-2), and R-Truth (4-3-1) --> World Title

*Amp's Thoughts: Called this one too - expect Edge to announce his intentions to face Jericho at WrestleMania. Also expect Undertaker/Michaels 2 at Mania as well (at least, if the finish is any indication).

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