Saturday, February 6, 2010

SmackDown Review For 2/5/10

SmackDown saw five qualifying matches for Elimination Chamber - who will face The Undertaker heading into the PPV? Click "Read More" to find out...

Rey Mysterio (3-1-2) def. Dolph Ziggler (1-2-1)

*Amp's Thoughts: Hi, I'm Dolph Ziggler, and my career has stalled.

Mickie James (4-0-0) and Beth Phoenix (2-2-0) def. Layla (0-3-0) and Michelle McCool (1-2-0)

*Amp's Thoughts: Are they gonna turn Beth face or not? They keep hinting at it, but they never pull the trigger. Funny that Mickie is still undefeated this year - I guess she should keep making country music after all...

Chris Jericho (3-6-0) def. Matt Hardy (2-5-0)

*Amp's Thoughts: Good, Jericho is in the chamber - the SmackDown chamber match will be half decent now. Now just put the belt on him and give us Edge/Jericho at WrestleMania. Matt Hardy - just another job for usual.

CM Punk (4-2-0) def. Batista (0-3-2)

*Amp's Thoughts: I found it funny how pretended as if people who watch SmackDown have no clue about what happens on Raw - Batista walked out on the match, obviously to aid McMahon in this angle with Bret Hart on Raw - anyone else smell a brand trade?

R-Truth (3-1-1) def. Mike Knox (0-3-1)

*Amp's Thoughts: Hmmm...I guess any elimination chamber needs some jobbers to eliminate first - guess R-Truth will do. Mike Knox needs to shave - NOW. So does Dale Earnhardt Jr. oh...wrong sport, sorry.

John Morrison (2-3-0) def. Kane (2-3-1) and Drew McIntyre (2-3-0)

*Amp's Thoughts: *see above statement, minus the Mike Knox comment*

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