Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WWE Superstars, SmackDown, and Raw Results 3/11 to 3/15/2010

Kinda behind with these, but here's last Thursday's, Friday's, and last night's results:

1. Dolph Ziggler (4-4-1) def. Shelton Benjamin (5-3)

2. Goldust (3-4) def. Mike Knox (0-6-1)

*I think we have a new J.O.B. Squad - Carlito, Chavo, and Knox...

3. Zack Ryder (3-3) def. Santino Marella (1-4)

4. Christian (7-2-0) and MVP (3-4) def. Carlito (0-8) and Chavo Guerrero (0-6)

*Like I said....JOB Squad...

1. Tiffany (1-0) def. Michelle McCool (4-3) - DQ

2. Shad (1-3-2) and JTG (1-4-2) vs. DH Smith (4-5-1) and Tyson Kidd (3-5-1) - No Contest

*I still say The Hart Dynasty deserve better...

3. Drew McIntyre (4-4-1) def. Local Athlete (0-4) - MITB Quals.

*There, he's in the match now, ARE YOU HAPPY?!?

4. Big Show (5-5-1) def. John Morrison (3-7-1)

5. R-Truth (7-3-2) def. The Miz (5-5-1)

6. Kane (5-4-2) def. Luke Gallows (4-3) - DQ

1. Big Show (6-5-1) def. John Cena (4-5-2)

*Considering how Batista keeps squashing Cena...Superman's gonna win the belt back at Mania...

2. Sheamus (6-1-1) vs. Evan Bourne (5-2-1) - No Contest

*Gotta love how Sheamus really kissed Triple H's ass in that promo...

3. Maryse (4-4) def. Kelly Kelly (1-5)

*With all the post-match shenanigans, you'd think the divas roster was merging....I'm not saying it is, just a casual observation...

4. Shawn Michaels (5-3-1) def. Chris Jericho (7-7) - Count Out

*Considering how Edge keeps squashing Jericho....you get the picture.

5. Randy Orton (5-6-1) vs. Triple H (6-3-2) - No Contest

*Next week Orton and HHH team up (for the first time in six years) against Legacy and Sheamus...the face turn is complete children...

6. Batista (2-4-3) def. Kofi Kingston (5-5)

*Typical squash match from where I was sitting....but did you notice how the cameras got REALLY far shots once Dave was cut near the end? Typical PG WWE...

Oh, and I should add that I was VERY disappointed with Austin's role on the show...I mean c'mon, NO STUNNERS? NO VINCE GETTING HIS ASS WHUPPED? Does Austin 3:16 now say "I just PG'd your butt!"?

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