Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WWE NXT Results for 3/2/10

Results of March 2nds WWE NXT.

1. Darren Young (1-1) def. David Otunga (1-1)

*Thoughts: Yeah...last week's match was a botch; why else would they re-do the match?

2. Wade Barrett (1-0) def. Daniel Bryan (0-2)

*Thoughts: The task for Danielson this week: sell a rib injury in a squash match. Yeah, he passed that one with ease. Still waiting for the Danielson vs Jericho 30 minute classic.

3. Matt Hardy (4-7) and Justin Gabriel (1-0) def. William Regal (2-3) and Skip Sheffield (0-1)

*Thoughts: So Gabriel got his first win - he still works with Matt freaking Hardy - he's gonna be a jobber when NXT ends...

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