Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Raw Results for 3/8/10

Results of Monday's Raw.

1. Eve (4-2)/Kelly Kelly (1-4)/Gail Kim (7-3) def. Maryse (3-4)/Alicia Fox (2-4)/Katie Lea Burchill (1-4)

*Thoughts: Pointless Fact of The Day - Gail Kim is now tied with Chris Jericho for most victories this year - and has done so in three fewer matches than Y2J.

2. Big Show (4-5-1) and The Miz (5-3-1) vs. John Morrison (3-6-1) and R-Truth (5-3-2) - No Contest

*Thoughts: Way to give away your WrestleMania tag title match for free and not even really get the match started. Sounds to me like this'll be a DVD exclusive again this year...

3. Cody Rhodes (3-4) and Ted DiBiase (5-5-1) def. Randy Orton (5-6)

*Thoughts: I have to admit the reception for Orton was very warm - could he be the next Austin? Well, the Rattlesnake guest hosts next week - maybe an encounter between the Rattlesnake and the Viper would be apt...

4. Evan Bourne (5-2) def. William Regal (2-5) - MITB Quals.

*Thoughts: Well this explains their match on Superstars...

5. Vince McMahon (1-0) def. John Cena (4-4-2) - Gauntlet Match

*Thoughts: ...since I don't feel like giving Kozlov, McIntyre, Swagger, Henry, and Batista any credit for this match...

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