Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WWE NXT Results for 3/9/10

Results of Tuesday night's NXT program.

1. R-Truth (6-3-2) and David Otunga (2-1) def. The Miz (5-4-1) and Daniel Bryan (0-3)

*Thoughts: Pointless Fact of The Day: This is the third consecutive show that R-Truth has competed on - if that's not getting a rub, I don't know what is. Danielson continues to get over despite losing his first three matches - there's still time to get Danielson into WrestleMania y'know...

2. Heath Slater (2-0) def. Carlito (0-7)

*Thoughts: I was amazed at how big an upset this was made out to's fucking Carlito...enough said.

3. Justin Gabriel (2-0) def. Wade Barrett (1-1)

*Thoughts: These two are going to make it, as far as I'm concerned.

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